Mr. Mazhar

Fashion week time is always crazy. You are bombarded with collections, models, colors, shapes and looks. It’s just information overload. And thank God there are online pages that can keep up with all of it. I must say that bloggers are really lucky, because they can just pick their favorite ones and write about them. But what kind of pisses me off is that it’s mostly the same brands the bloggers are mentioning in their posts.
Why y’all the same? But that’s probably the same shit everybody else is thinking about me, no?
However: I am not done yet talking about London Collections: Men not to mention Milano and then Berlin coming up. So back to London: Nasir Mazhar stays true to the urban amour which continues in his FW14 collection with his casual menswear. I just adore how he integrates the brands name into his fashion pieces without looking like a huge commercial. It still has the fashion esprit. This time especially the shiny dark green palette caught my eye. But the breaking point is: If I can see myself wearing the collection, that’s actually all that matters. Take a look at the brutally beautiful collection and study the shapes and composition and make up your own opinion. All I can say for my part is that I can definitely see myself rocking all of it! Good stuff!
nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy2 nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy5 nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy19 nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy7 nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy6 nasir-mazhar-fw14_fy17
Like I said it’s just overwhelming in a positive way!


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