Library Flair

I honestly thought I would never ever see a library again, because I just finished my studies and was not ready to have the feeling of books all around me. Don’t get me wrong, because I really like reading and I love the library flair, but I was just not ready mentally. Sometimes you just have to overcome your trauma by jumping in at the deep end. And what’s a better way to do that then having a seat during JULIAANDBEN‘s FW14/15 collection presentation at Karl-Marx-Buchhandlung during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin?
Foto 1The creative mind behind JULIAANDBEN is Julia Heuse, who founded her eponymous fashion label back in 2008. Her style is shaped by catching the balance between commercial and conceptual, classic and avant-garde and mixes glamour with that street attitude, which you can clearly see in her latest FW14/15 collection.
Foto 2 Foto 2 Foto 4 The FW14 collection named Derived is inspired by Berlin itself: the urban landscape with its beauty of imperfection and ruins, which is totally Berlin. The prints are based on walls and structures Julia found around her studio on the way from her house to work and from work to her house. And when you spend some time in Berlin and take a look at the buildings you will definitely understand what JULIAANDBEN is processing into their fashion.
Foto 3 Foto 5Check out the video in the intimate location and find me chilling in the background:
But there is one thing that  pisses me off BIG TIMES: Mercedes Benz Team, how the fuck could you put some whack ass music underneath the dope music JULIAANDBEN had as a soundtrack? I honestly think that it’s taking away so much from the attitude and mood the designer wants to reflect. This is just not fair! The music was sooooo good I just couldn’t sit still. You fucked up Mercedes Benz and JULIAANDBEN did a great job!


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