Wonder Waffle

During Fashion Week my whole eating habit got fucked up, because no matter how much you plan shit, you are still always late. ALWAYS. So half of the time I was starving and I am not even a model. Like WTF? And when I am starving, I get grumpy. And when I am grumpy, I feel like everybody is a piece of shit. And right after eating something I feel bad for feeling like everybody is a piece of shit. Vicious circle at its best!
So Berlin’s district Kreuzberg saved my life several times. And that’s also where I found a new inspiration for my future living room. Wonder Waffle in Kreuzberg has this fucked up room where everybody signed on the walls and you can play Super Mario. So I whipped out my Chanel pencil and wrote my name on that wall and was eating that waffle with strawberry, pineapple, Nutella and a bunch of Smarties.
Foto 1 Foto 2 (1) Foto FotoEating waffles and signing walls. The Shit!


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