Not About What You Wear, It’s How you Wear It

DKNY is NYC born and bred, full of color, energy and attitude. With an eye on the future the brand celebrates the icons that brought them to where they are right now. Every piece has a fresh, modern twist and it’s all in the mix: feminine with masculine, sexy and slouchy, tailored with sport, chic and street. Representing the NYC spirit to the fullest. And the motto of DKNY is so true: It is not about what you wear, it’s how you wear it.
For their SS14 campaign the brand decided to get together my favorite personalities: Eliza Cummings , Cara Delevingne, A$ap Rocky, Skate Dylan Rieder and Jourdan Dunn. Not only is the campaign a continuance of the runway show (which is actually always the case in a fashion industry), but also the diversity of models represents NYC  and its boroughs to the fullest. If you have been there, you will know what I mean.

And here are the results and some behind the scenes shots:1528538_10152171671055135_1728784152_n tumblr_mz8ogwwynz1s1jbgco1_1280 1535637_350071518466793_542398298_n 1524929_350071608466784_842643672_nBut more then just the campaign that caught my attention, the fashion this time is really on point. To be honest it is something that I would have not expected for DKNY to come up with. But I suprised in a positive way and can really see myself wearing a bunch of the looks, because it’s the shit I’d wear.
Check out the full DKNY SS14 runway show:

Pictures via DKNY/Tumblr


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