I wonder if you know, how they live in Tokyo…Faaaaast and Furious!
OK, I am not sure about the fast and furious thing, but I can certainly say that they live in style and with good taste. Maybe this is just a stereotype and/or prejudice, but everything I know that comes from Japan is just beyond dope! So anything that comes across my way just confirms my thoughts about Japanese fashion. And it’s not only Japan, it’s the whole Asian continent. I bet they have special fashion genes that just make them have good taste.
What makes me say this is Yoruko Banzai. I am not sure if you have already heard about him, but he is provoking something in my brain that still needs to be explored by scientists. Like I am going crazy, in a positive way.
BANZAI1Yoruko Banzai was born December 15 in Osaka, Japan. Whilst studying at university, he joined a contemporary circus troupe, working as a costume maker, scriptwriter and choreographer, as well as performing. After relocating to Tokyo, he launched the creative project BANZAI, with his works now stocked in various select shops in Japan and London.  For he explains the inspiration and concept behind the brand:

“It depends on the work that I show. With small production run, one-off pieces, there’s a direct connection to myself. It really shows who I am. It’s a bit self-gratifying but I enjoy it. I had some issues with mass production, but if the wearer says that that doesn’t matter, then I’m very happy. Today was the launch of Haka and when I went to drop off the pieces at a store in Tokyo and a customer came in immediately and purchased a Haka sweater as a present for her boyfriend, which really touched me. It’s a strange and indescribable feeling how something I made becomes part of the life of someone I don’t know. Like I mentioned earlier, because I think it’s important for me to always be on the lookout for inspiration wherever I am, there is no specific inspiration or concept behind BANZAI.”

And his personal style is something to look up to. I honestly wish I could dress like you. I swear from now, when buy clothes I will just ask myself: What would Yoruko do?
You can shop his pieces on or on!

Pictures by Primitive London


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