All Is Vanitas

And life is not getting boring at all.
Sometimes I find myself taking fashion extremely serious, which is kind of ironic, especially when everyone else is thinking that the fashion industry is the most shallow and superficial one. But I keep thinking and thinking, e.g. about what the designer is trying to express with his collection. And I am thinking and thinking…
Like do you remember the times in school when you had to interpret a poem? And you were interpreting all kind of shit, but the teacher said: “Naaaah, I don’t think so.” Like WTF? Did you write the poem? How the fuck do you know what the author is trying to say?

But yea, I am the kind of kid that is interpreting all kind of shit into it and I am really curious about the inspiration behind the collection, particularly when the fashion pieces are packed with a message.
Here is an example:


This Is Not Clothing is a juxtaposition of contemporary culture and fine art:  a consumerist art movement that celebrates and reinvents masterful artworks through photography. And this is not about the superficial shit you usually get to see. The vanitas themed collection, which is showing the meaninglessness of earthly life and the transient nature of all earthly goods and pursuits through still life paintings is putting a moralistic message into the fashion itself.  If you are not a superficial asshole than this collection can really leave you thinking about the important and unimportant things in life.

And the reason for my dilemma (just kidding) is the brand founder,photographer Jam Sutton, who is creating the artwork. Jam’s work breaks away from traditional boundaries of photography, some of his past collaborations include: Azealia Banks, Pharrell Williams, Steve Aoki, Kid Cudi, Travis Barker. But back to business…check out the art that is floating through Collection II/II:  communionii-lb mementomorivi-lb mementomoriv-lb stpeterii-lb

This is not clothing, this is art.

Pictures via This Is Not Clothing


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