Water Protection

The Haute Couture Fashion Shows in Paris are shutting shit down. From Margiela and Chanel to fucking Jean Paul Gaultier. These collections are insane and are topping most of the prêt-à-porter ones! But the whole problem is just that it’s haute couture, something that is only reachable for 5% of the world population. A dream for all and a reality for only a few. And as much as I think these collections are super dope, I am more willing to talk about something that is more affordable and has the equal level of greatness.
And you can find pure greatness with Wanda Nylon. Wanda Nylon is a Paris-based creative fashion label developing a functional luxurious stylish wardrobe inspired by water protection. Which makes it the perfect brand for Hamburg/Germany, a city that is known for his rainy and cloudy day. Sometimes I truly believe that the sun is just a myth, because I rarely see it.
The label stands out for its sharp cuts and expertise in comfortable technical fabrics and know-how techniques fused with a strong contemporary design direction. It focuses on qualitative fabric developments to create an innovative and as much as possible ecological collection. And it’s fucking ah…wait for it…mazing! Peep a preview of FW14 here:
1512660_247461658748562_1394985005_n 1497110_247461552081906_1488996674_nAnd also check out SS14:
tumblr_mtsy8bS4H01qbwwlro1_500tumblr_mtsy9oTHgr1qbwwlro1_500Wanda-Nylon-2014-Spring-Summer-Collection-9 Wanda-Nylon-2014-Spring-Summer-Collection-3 Wanda-Nylon-2014-Spring-Summer-Collection-20
Pictures via Wanda Nylon 


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