Hunkemöller Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day.
A day where guys either start panicking or they are kind of excited about. But usually they are just panicking. Why? Because there is so much pressure to make this day perfect: like kind of romantic, but not corny, kind of individual, kind of sexy, but not kinky. Well, and maybe a little bit kinky. Actually trying to make this day look effortlessly extraordinary.

And this shit is not that easy. So I started thinking about what to do, where to spend the day and what kind of gift would be appropriate? And et voilà my brain came up with a super smart idea:What’s a better gift then lingerie (in case you do it right)?
Just because and let’s be honest here, it’s actually a gift you are making yourself. If your girlfriend is walking in the room with the lingerie you picked out (or at least you believe you picked it out, because women will make you think that, although everything was already planned in their heads), then you just hit the jackpot.

And Hunkemöller is making things very easy this time with their Private Collection and their mission to make Valentine’s Day THE HOTTEST DAY OF THE YEAR.  So I made my way to Amsterdam/Netherlands to figure out how to make girls happy on that one special day.

Foto 1

The Hunkemöller “Sexy Store” in Amsterdam

Bras on bras on bras.

Bras on bras on bras.

What to buy?

What to buy?

And the perfect person to explain how to make girls happy with a lingerie collection is the Hunkemöller Director of design Zoë Price-Smith herself at Yab Yum. Yab Yum is not a food store, although there was one special dish you could eat…Sorry, I am being a pervert right now. It’s a famous brothel which closed his doors for the red light business, but opened them again in October 2013 as museum. Such a perfect place to get that sexy on with some hot ass models and learn more about the Private Collection. It was hard to focus on the words once the models came out, but here is what I remember:

The concept of the Private Collection is the complete package of classy, but still daring, sexy and very seductive lingerie. And that’s why it’s only for very private situations, places and special occasions. But I always wanted to know if lingerie is designed for women or men or maybe both?
Zoë said: “Yes, when I create a lingerie collection I definitely consider both: women and men!” Which makes perfectly sense, because a women wears it, but does not only want to please herself, but also her husband/boyfriend/friend with benefit/strangers. Which brings me back to the idea that lingerie is a super dope Valentine’s gift!


Dat Ass. Now you know why I couldn’t focus. 

Yab Yum

Yab Yum. 

Foto 4

Food porn. Yumm Yab.

And buying lingerie for the first time is probably like buying condoms for the first time. Awkward! But just ask your wife/girlfriend/friend with benefits/stranger  or store assistant for help and go get that gift.

If you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, shop Hunkemöller and wait till Valentine’s Day…


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