Forever Young

Lately age and youth has been such a huge topic among my friends and even during small talks people came up with: “I feel too old to….” or “I wish I could be a teenager again…”
And this really got me thinking a lot. Like why are people (including me) always striving to be young again? Isn’t being young boon and bane at the same time? I came to the conclusion that I only wanna be young again if I can take my experiences and knowledge with me, otherwise it would be wasted time. I just want to experience the sweet demons of youth one way only and that’s in fashion.
I know this doesn’t make sense now, but wait till I introduce you to Clio Peppiatt‘s SS14 Sweet Demon of Youth collection.
CLIO-27Clio Peppiatt is a London based womenswear oriented fashion and print designer. That name is so dope it was made to become a brand/label. And her talent is just made to impress: she studied at Ravensbourne University and graduated in 2013 and with her SS14 collection she is bringing back sex, drugs and Hip Hop. Meet Clio Peppiatt:


Clio Peppiatt’s fashion is influenced by easy-to-wear silhouettes, mad dope graphic prints and the bold streetwear attitude that. She combines luxury with playfulness and an underlying tongue-in-cheek sense of humour. With her love for colour, which she is definitely not afraid to use and unusual materials and illustrative print the label creates a unique look that makes women feel fierce, edgy and confident at the same time.

CLIO-24 CLIO-26NotJustALabel describes her collection: “The Sweet Demon of Youth collection explores the interplay between the innocence of youth and its demonization. Fast food, bling jewelry, money, magic mushrooms and marijuana leaves illustrate the prints in this collection, relating to a negative portrayal of youth and linking it to consumerist, gang and sex culture. This excess is emphasized by lavish embellishment in combination with colourful and intricate prints. However, all of these negative symbols have been portrayed in a playful way, as the innocent might imagine them to be. The silhouettes of Sweet Demon of Youth are united by the theme of self protection, which is an attitude adopted in a hostile, dangerous world. Bullet proof outfits inspired both the garment shapes and the resistant materials such as neoprene, hand plasticized satin and latex.” Amen!
CLIO-20This is again a label I truly and honestly wish would make menswear. And this is probably the biggest compliment I can make to a womenswear brand. I am forever fucked…

Pictures via Clio Peppiatt
Hair & Makeup by ForeverIconic; Photography by Elliott Simpson


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