Piet Mondrian.
A dutch painter that revolutionized the history of art through his cubistic works which are characterized through his use of red, yellow and blue in his paintings. During his Cubist period he developed a structure of lines that allowed him to apply colour without relying on the object itself.
You think that this shit is easy to create but at that time this thought was revolutionary and out of the box. And this out of the box thinking but kind of painting in two-dimensional boxes made him famous and relevant. The exhibition Mondrian.Colours in Hamburg/Germany brings together 40 loans from the Gemeentemuseum in Den Haag, which holds the largest collection of Mondrian’s works.


And this exhibition thought me two things. One of them is following:
From his early successes in 1900 painting Dutch landscapes, Mondrian developed into the pioneer of Colour Field painting after Goethe’s theory of colours drew his attention for the first time to the primary colours. And this was a long road to go. He actually adapted and interpreted every epoch of art and did it kind of his way until he finally reached the point where he created something new. You try and learn and adapt and maybe even copy shit until you are the one that is going one step forward just to leave your footprint. And that one footprint is everything that matters, because this one needs to be filled.

Foto 1

And the second thing that really inspired me is that back then there was a group of young people that stood up for something. They had a vision, they created an art movement, they wanted change, they tried to develop art into something that was not seen before. Something that I feel is so lost nowadays. And that’s why I am going to push that New Jeunesse Dorée thing till I can’t push it no more.

Foto 3What do you stand for?


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