Girls of Blaze

Solange Knowles said she is so stoked. But hell no… I AM SO STOKED  to share with you Solange’s new visual concepts and art direction for the Puma “Girls of Blaze” collection. You can see her handwriting all over the pictures: very simple, yet powerful, a lot of colors, actually color blocking is some kind of signature for Solange, very feminine but not girly (although it’s very pink-ish) and the focus still lays on them sneakers. These pictures could even be from her private photo album. And I just wish that Solange was more recognized. But she is taking step by step, so check out the brutally beautiful visuals:
1002205_10152219955264489_98163259_n 75682_10152219876749489_1487284282_n 1897715_10152219938534489_1587341889_n 1660365_10152219872269489_200546143_n 1690708_10152219866624489_883689388_nPictures via Solange



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