Lease On Life Society

And then a 20-year old college student comes along, does his thing, creates his own brand and turns on his hustle game. No, unfortunately I am not talking about myself. But I found out about the brand Lease on Life Society, which stands for nothing but hope, because it proclaims that it is never too late to “renew one’s lease on life”! How dope is that?

Lease on Life Society is a New York City-based lifestyle brand founded in Autumn 2012 by  Ev Bravado, with a focus on handmade to order & limited lifestyle garments. Each design is a realization of surreal thoughts of modern and forwarding-looking silhouettes that aim to break through the monotony of standard, mass-produced clothing.

unnamed unnamed (2)

Lease on Life Society unveils their most authentic, avant-garde collection to date, “BRVDO1”, available for purchase on February 9th. The collection consists of 6 pieces: 2 light bomber jackets, an elongated mesh hockey jersey, a elongated hooded sweater, a printed long-sleeve jersey and a cropped, distressed pullover crewneck sweater. Each piece is cut and sewn and made to order in predetermined-extremely limited quantities. Prices will range from roughly $60-$250, which is mad affordable. unnamed (1) unnamed (3) unnamed (4)The collection “BRVDO1” signifies a crucial point in our short history of being a brand. It serves as a segway between their super mad dope FW ’13 collection and the full S/S ’14 collection which is soon to come. The use of the nude color palette serves as a break from the mundane overuse of blacks and greys in today’s fashion scene.

This is again a moment where I just want to leave my address and wait for the parcel full of Lease on Life Social clothes.

Pictures via Lease on Life Social

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