The moment when you wake up in the morning, being tired as fuck and first thing you do is checking Facebook. The light shines all the way into your eyes and you feel like you are getting blind the longer you look at it. And then you see that WIA Collections brought up their new collection called Forget Us. It took me 5 minutes to realize what I saw, but the moment it made click in my brain, I just went mental. Why? Because this shit is beyond dope!
W.I.A is a brand created between Barcelona and Italy, Made in Spain. The entire collections are really taking care down to the smallest details and having as a Moto : Creativity/Innovation. Check it out now, funk soul brother:
wiaforgetuscampaign03 wiaforgetuscampaign04 wiaforgetuscampaign10 wiaforgetuscampaign14 wiaforgetuscampaign15 wiaforgetuscampaign19 wiaforgetuscampaign06WIA IS THE SHIT!

Pictures via WIA
Creative Directors : Giulio Cunsolo & Ana Jerez – Design by: Ana Jerez Photo by Paolo Colaiocco – Stylists: Ana Jerez, Joel Palmer – Models: Georgia Palmer, Richard – MUA&HAIR Portia Ferrari 


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