LFW Recap

London slayed…as usual! And I feel like I am always talking about the same brands when it comes to London Fashion Week, but I can’t help it if you stood out from all others. So these are my favorite British Bitches:

Temperly London
Temperley London is entering its fourteenth year of business in 2014 with its namesake creative director Alice Temperley, MBE heading up the independent British luxury brand. Temperley creates clothes that memories are made in, with a design signature that has made her one of the most distinctive voices in contemporary British fashion. The very elegant and conventional label kept the elegance, but got rid of the conventional for AW14. With patterns that take us back to Spanish and Byzantine architecture and sexy Laser-Cut-outs the brand is striking a new path, a sexier and more of an attitude one. This is the beginning of a new ( and I hope better) era.

Temperley London
My fucking favorite brand. The AW14 collection is just perfect. Every look is a 10/10. Nothing to add.

Nasir Mazhar
Nasir Mazhar has been on my top 10 list since like forever. The urban amour that is coming from the collections just got me and never let me go. I just adore how he integrates the brands name into his fashion pieces without looking like a huge commercial. Together with the emblazoned fur-trimmed, the cropped tops and thigh-high boots, boxer shorts and tracksuits the collection is just dope as fuck (as usual… and that’s why I am always writing about Mazhar, because it’s always on point).  Vogue said: “It brought to mind that other formidable aggressor, Lara Croft, except this was more Hackney than Hollywood.” More Hackney than Hollywood lol

nasir mazhar
London Fashion Week without Ashish is not London Fashion Week. Dope. Dope. Dope.

ashishAnd can I just mention that I am a male human being and if these womenswear collections make me super excited, you can only imagine how I am tripping with the menswear collections. Just saying!

Pictures via Vogue.de


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