Survival Of The Sickest

A lot of people are afraid of rubber (I am talking about the British word rubber, not the American one, if you know what I’m saying?!), because it’s associated with some kinky, dominatrix kind of shit. And what’s so bad about it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Society just makes you think that it’s not ok to wear rubber. And I am sick of that shit. So let me introduce you to a brand that takes that fetish-wear clitché, puts it in a fashion context and transforms it into some sexy and wearable fashion pieces: meet Meat!


Meat is the new collaborative fashion venture of London based designers Bo Claridge and Alis Pelleschi. Specialising in rubber wear, the brand was born out of their belief that the material could transcend fetish-wear clichés. Reflecting the pair’s backgrounds as digital natives, Meat is a brand fully in tune with the Internet. Not only in the inspiration they draw from online culture, but also in their adoptions of the Internet as a presentation platform in itself. The Ideology of Meat is to constantly evolve and reinvent itself with every season. The aim is that each collection should offer up not only a set of clothes, but also a set of ideas that create a worldview as key to the pieces as the fabric they are cut on.


And for their AW14 collection Meat are taking us back to school. Some sexy school shit. And I honestly wish girls would have walked around like this during my school time, which would not be cool for my hormones, but at least it would play my imagination….however……for this seasons collection the brand has sought to distill raging hormones, slogans culled from year 9 pencil cases and girls locker rooms into their trademark latex design aesthetic. As always, a sense of bold sexuality underpins the collection, this time charged by teenage confusion and the raging yearning and heartache of Myspace-era emo bands.

meataw14lookbook006 meataw14lookbook001 meataw14lookbook008

Shapes within the set pay homage to the wares of Saturday morning shopping staples such as Tammy Girl, and northern teen retail havens such as Manchester’s Affleck’s Palace and Leeds Corn Exchange, while the collections consistent color palette provides a gang uniform to match the tribal attitude of the Meat mall rat. This bold and contrasting use of red and black that underpins the pieces lends a nod to Moschino as reimagined by Marilyn Manson which, coupled with the secondary school attitude it perpetuates, makes ‘Survival of the Sickest’ a more than apt title for the collection. DOPE AS FUCK! Like for real, for real, for real.

If you want to see the collection in motion, you better check this video out. And from now on I am not going to say #DatAss anymore, but #DatMeat. Find out why: 

Get on that rubber (British and American meaning), shop it here and have some fun!

Pictures via Meat
Meat: Bo Claridge & Alis Pelleschi – Photography: Alis Pelleschi – Assistant: Bardha Krasniqi – Styling Assistants: Randa Kherba, Lauren Groves – Hair: Caterina Maiolini, Holly Rose – MUA: Gina Blondell – Model: Lola @BodyLondon – Shoes: Claire Davies


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