Muse And Model

And we are going to start this week with the same shit last week ended: ART. Well, actually with Karl Lagerfeld. Not only is he the man behind Chanel, but I bet he is the most named designer that has been mentioned in relation with art. And right now he is all over the place.

From February 2014 the Hamburger Kunsthalle is presenting an unusual double exhibition on beauty, eroticism and the adoration of muses and models that brings together paintings by Anselm Feuerbach and hit her to unseen photographs by Karl Lagerfeld. In a similar way both Feuerbach and Lagerfeld seek an actualisation of an ideal of timeless beauty founded in the ancient world. The exhibition examines the cult of beauty, which stylises the model to an icon. Over forty works by Feuerbach, most of them from the years 1860–70, will be on show. Karl Lagerfeld has created a series of around sixty black-and-white photographs specially for the exhibition. Mostly in large formats, they have been printed in a complex procedure onto silver- and gold-coloured fabric.

The photographic series Modern Mythology by Mr. Lagerfeld, explores the love story of Daphnis and Chloe, and shows models such as Baptiste Giabiconi and Bianca Balti, who have accompanied Karl in his work for several years. And I must say that these two models are perfect for a Greek mythology photo shoot because of their classic and ancient face and body structure, although seeing Baptistes penis was way too much for me.  And Karl probably just used his iPad to create these pictures, but me, I just need my iPhone:


Foto 4 Foto 1 Foto 2 Foto 3


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