Sad B:(ys

After a whole fucking day of not being able to use my laptop because of some dysfunction of my keypad I finally found a solution. Nothing is coming in between my laptop and myself!  That cyber life forever. I sound like an addict, but honestly if you think that your laptop is dead and you realize that all of your documents and pictures are gone (thank god this didn’t happen) then you need a couple of days to prepare for the final goodbye.
Emotional situation I can tell y’all. But fuck it I survived yesterday. Let’s keep on concentrating on the fun side of life: I went to see Yung Lean & Sad Boys during their White Marble Tour 2014.
Foto 1


Foto 2

Yung Lean is a 16 year old Swedish rapper from Stockholm talking about glory holes and Arizona Ice Tea and playing Nintendo, which was my shit back then. Nintendo 64 and that Super Mario was EVERYTHING to me. And with his crew the Sad Boys he managed to leave me arizona-iced-out for real. And I honestly haven’t seen a cooler and more diverse clientele (the crowd) since forever. The rapper does not only talk about attracting clientele very well in his music, but he actually does it, which is more than impressing. This whole emotional boys/sad boys movement is just revolutionary. And I wish I was that cool when I was 16. With that said: Go and check them out if you have the chance. You will have a emotional time, but (sorry to say) not sad at all!

I swear you guys are my heroes!


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