Jurassic Marble

There are three types of reactions when it comes to online shopping. You see a fashion piece and be like:
1. Hello no! Who the fuck buys this?
2. Interesting, but idk. (And you store your memory into “check out later” place in your brain)
3. OMFG! Shut up and take my money!

And if I had the money (which I am working on hard or hardly) I would make it rain on
DOM SEBASTIAN. The UK based designer is known for it’s hand dyed and printed sweatshirts & t shirts, but with his Spring/Summer 2014 collection called “Jurassic Marble” he is taking it to another level of fucking greatness. Putting the trend pattern marble into a cyber context…et voilá…you got the shit that I want to buy. And it’s not even expensive. Like you cannot imagine how fascinated I am right now. The collection is coming soon into the brands online shop, but when the time has come…
1896811_607552535997471_189989071_n 1966861_607550555997669_1546097538_n 1982083_607550562664335_1459289058_n 971661_607550649330993_876360275_n 155122_607550692664322_963331793_n 1623709_599411983478193_1400359_n

…you better shut up now and let DOM SEBASTIAN take your money!

Pictures via Dom Sebastian


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