Die To Rule

I am stressed to death. Tired as fuck. And I wish my day had more than just 24 hours, but when my favorite German avant-garde and urban streetswear brand ETHEL VAUGHN is inviting to their open showroom presentation, you just drop your plans like they are hoooot and go.  Like you don’t go, you start running!

Foto 1

I came, I saw and I fucking enjoyed their Fall/Winter 2014 collection DIE TO RULE during their open showroom presentation in Hamburg City. And seeing all these dope ass people in front of the store with a beer in their hands and some food made everything even better. I literally was just in there for 5 minutes and I haven’t been drinking. No watermelon. But these 5 minutes were enough to examine and inspect the fashion pieces.
Result: TO DIE FOR!

Designer Katrin Diedrich took her urban flavor and refined it into a more form-fitting sportswear look, which is remaining street yet high fashion. It’s not as baggy as the last collection, but neither is HipHop only 90’s rap, if you know what I mean? The black and white themed collection is super high quality  with some pieces having a Nasir Mazhar moment (which is a compliment) meaning that the label name is integrated into the design of the fashion pieces (which is again a smart way to just put the name out there).  But enough of me, here’s what you got to see:

tumblr_mzftqddARx1r2yulgo1_1280 tumblr_mzftteL9g71r2yulgo1_1280 tumblr_mzftjfNoiz1r2yulgo1_1280 tumblr_mzftr2qTlp1r2yulgo1_1280 tumblr_mzftnkWj8e1r2yulgo1_1280 tumblr_mzftin4qoc1r2yulgo1_1280

My favorite fashion piece: Foto 2

What I really appreciate about Ethel Vaugh is that they remained true to themselves. Like they made all these HipHop inspired clothes before this hype arrived in the high fashion segment and I truly believe that they will still make it after the hype is over. And that’s how you recognize personality and character in fashion…

Pictures via Ethel Vaughn 

Phtography: Alex Trommlitz – Styling: Nadja Mara Brvar Styling – Hair: Hauke Krause – MU: Camilla de Wet. HAIR. MAKE UP. – Retouch: Thorben Bantje PIQUEE [POSTPRODUCTION] – Creative Direction: Nic Diedrich – Assistant to the Designer: Su Sanne Göldner


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