Summer Frost

“I want to place old accepted ways of dressing men next to less traditional ways of dressing the modern man” – this is how the designer Alec Ali Abdulrahim puts his vision into words. And he puts his words into vision through his menswear label Mai-Gidah.

Born in Ghana and trained in Belgium, Alec’s work is typified by his search for an equilibrium between the contemporary and the classic. While trying to find new ways of cutting old patterns, Alec creates novel silhouettes, letting traditional ways of masculine dressing exist alongside modern men’s styles. And with his Spring/Summer 2014 collection Summer Frost he is pushing boundaries without getting too dramatic. Bold shapes are combined with clean cuts, which all together are forming a kind of futuristic way of interpreting men and menswear. Peep the collection right here:
tumblr_mz6wz7xd8g1sf4td3o1_1280 1546334_693091890725602_652551414_n 1546334_693091887392269_1497454739_n 1524787_693094570725334_1714118604_n 1546334_693091884058936_2014821363_n 1507827_693090990725692_347725052_nThis collection is evoking following reaction: I want this! Alec’s fashion design is influenced by European customs and codes in art, fashion and architecture. The differences in culture and the ways people respond to the world outside have introspectively lead him to reflect on his own roots. Both the materials and manufacturing are fully sourced in Europe, ranging from Belgium ,Portugal to Italy and the UK.

Pictures via Mai-Gidah


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