T-Shirt Time

Long hoodies, even longer t-shirts, maybe a little bit of leather, but a whole lot of black… these are the components that are a huge visual part of a NYC movement: Ghetto Gothic. A lifestyle that was predicted to be a massive trend back in 2011 and actually blossomed in 2013 and became pop culture already. But during the years it kind of lightened up, which means: as long as your t-shirt is long, and strong and down to put the friction on (whoopps…too much Sir Mix-a-Lot) you are good to go. The whole problem was just: the t-shirts were long, but since you bought a XXL, there were also wide as fuck and you just looked like the t-shirt was passed in the family for years and you were just too young to fit in.

But times has changed. And thanks to the brand Skäggs and their first collection ever you are now able to wear a t-shirt that is long and due to the unique cut and shape also fitting. Or to put it in word of the MTV Jersey Shore crew: “It’s T-Shirt Time!”

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Skäggs is a new premium streetwear label from Hamburg and Berlin/Germany. Inspired by urban culture like music, travelling, friends and family, the designers Bastian Orf and Franz Kroczek created a t-shirt which is a winner because of it’s simplicity, clean silhouette, high quality and attention to details. Wearing this t-shirt might look like an understatement, but at the same time it can not be more extravagant.
Think about it and be the first one to shop the limited edition on www.skaeggs.com/shop!

No more clothes sharing in the family!

Pictures via Skäggs


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