I have been following this brand for forever now and my wardrobe is full of their fashion pieces (ok tbh I have 2 pieces). But still I wish my wardrobe was full of it, because Horace is my shit!

Horace is a team of fashion, textile and illustration designers: Adam Entwisle, Emma Hales and Philip Grisewood. Since its inception in 2002 Horace collection progressed from a small project of friends doing what they love to an international brand with a significant progressive design.  The brand describes their style as being powerful yet unassuming cool. And this is exactly what these fashion pieces make you feel like: cool and powerful.

Plus every single fashion piece is an eye-catcher. Anytime and everywhere. No matter what! I know what I am talking about, because my Horace sweater got a whole bunch of compliments and attention during Berlin Fashion Week. However I am super excited to show you a snippet of the menswear AW 14 collection:

10246864_696232817084543_2814200330418836416_n 10170808_696770437030781_1234103452408000196_n


These looks are making me go mental. I would wear any of these, so  I don’t mind if you want to sponsor me (being super thirsty over here)! Keep your eyes open and make sure you shop on www.horace.bigcartel.com! Let the money flow…

Pictures via Horace Clothing


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