Asger Juel Larsen

After a long weekend full of food, family, photo shootings, doing shit for uni and a Karl Lagerfeld documentary, it’s about time for my unpaid, yet fulfilling work: blogging. I often get comments about not being paid for the shit I’m doing. And the time effort and the blah blah blah…I have to admit that a little bank account surplus would be great, but then I’d rather have the unpaid freedom of expression and talking about the shit I want to talk about then not doing it at all. And the shit I love to talk about is: Asger Juel Larsen.

Asger Juel Larsen is a designer that marks and merits the adventurous and rule breaking reinvention of modern menswear. His aesthetics have been consistently evolving during the academic time frame, illustrating ambition and flare in the imagination.  His designs are an intoxicating medley of the past and future, taking inspiration from historical events and fusing it into a futuristic sci-fi sphere. The clash of textures play with ideas of masculine strength and vulnerability. Asger’s aesthetics are both industrial and romantic, taking the gothic and androgynous to new levels of sophistication and depth.


For his SS14 collection Asger is pushing his talent again to another level:
Jackets are at war with prints, creating a jungle and jigsaw of direction and shapes, encouraged to fuck with the eyes and form a unique opinion. This is heritage that hopes you hellraise. 
Biker bomber jackets and trousers are dipped in a clockwork digital print like a treasure chest of insanity that you want a piece of. If the unknown depths of the sea unveiled creatures from space and sci-fi found an industrial home in the aquatics, these prints are the machine world on the bottom of the ocean. Imagine urban cowboys in forward thinking tracksuits, where sportswear has an intensity and madness about it, and regal is sent to offbeat shores. 
Asger is a genius, no doubt, but the combination of his clothes and the way of photography of his lookbook is pure beauty to me:
3_b 15_b 8_b 10_b 23_b


Pictures via Asger Juel Larsen


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