I Need It

I don’t know how to start this post, but let’s put it like this:
I am from a city that has more rainy days than I can bear. It’s so bad that I don’t even leave the house during summer without an umbrella. Call me crazy,  but it is what it is. Plus there is a challenge to look fashionable, although nobody is going to see you, because everybody is trying to deal with their buckled umbrellas.

But my prayers were answered with Wanda Nylon, which is  a Paris-based creative fashion label developing a functional luxurious stylish wardrobe inspired by water protection. The label stands out for its sharp cuts and expertise in comfortable technical fabrics and know-how techniques fused with a strong contemporary design direction. It focuses on qualitative fabric developments to create an innovative and as much as possible ecological collection.

And I am starting some new prayers asking for more followers and likes so that one day all these beautiful SS14 collection pieces can be safe with me. I need it! (This reminds me of Alexander Wang’s Spring 2013 promotional video, where someone says they need something in a larger size and Bon Qui Qui responds, “Oh..you need it like a starving kid need some food…or like a homeless man need a house? You neeeed it?) Well,  I want it!
But you will see why I am saying “I need it”  when you look at them fashion pieces:
10155390_272309676263760_7835342817508569989_n 10013591_272309339597127_5790137248690109428_n 10154973_272309669597094_291853333228281435_n 10155795_272309786263749_4050617540068570678_n 10253757_272309696263758_7868337625640978158_nPictures via Wanda Nylon


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