Psych Clothing

It took me more than 30 minutes to do my research for this post.
And usually if I don’t get my information in about 5 minutes, then I am done with the topic. And I just got to bed being angry. Well, I am not done with it for like forever, but for the day. Because what usually happens is that I continue my research the next day, because I truly think that I have to spread the word about the product or brand or whatsoever,
So you can only imagine how much I liked the t-shirts I am writing about right now, because I kept searching for the information.Blogging is a tough job I am telling y’all! A tough job!

Japser, the 19-year-old owner of Psych Clothing, actually did a great job: he did not only kind of summarize what everybody was talking about on the internet, he actually made a couple of all-over print t-shirts out of it. From Azealia Banks, who was the internet sensation last year from Chloe’s reaction at Lily’s Disneylad surprise, which is beyond hilarious.  Peep it:


tumblr_n28s2q6LP91qhh83ro2_1280 tumblr_n28s2q6LP91qhh83ro3_500 tumblr_n28s2q6LP91qhh83ro4_500 _MG_0338


Pictures via


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