Vogue Nippon Flashback

Haaaaaaaaa, I never ever in my entire life thought this would ever happen, but uni inspired me to this post. For a presentation with the topic How does culture influence luxury consumption? An East Asian Approach in intercultural management (we just call the course “English” for whatever reason) I came across this beautiful VOGUE Japan editorial from October 2008 with Carmen Kass and photographed by Yelena Yemchuk. These pictures just were the perfect pictures to put a luxurious, artsy and high fashion touch to the presentation and  just were the right thing in the context of Western and  traditional Japan culture. But enough of me trying to sound intelligent!

I am still like: Haaaaaaaaa!
vogue-nippon-october-2008-4 vogue-nippon-october-2008-1 vogue-nippon-october-2008-3 vogue-nippon-october-2008-5 vogue-nippon-october-2008-6 vogue-nippon-october-2008-10 vogue-nippon-october-2008-11Pictures via Vogue Nippon


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