Ice Ice Baby

The sun couldn’t last longer than two days. It was hot that ice cream in every  shape and flavor became your principal food, because everything else would just not make any sense. Well, but like I said it just lasted for two short days! However, I found a story from the vault that makes me reminisce:

Back in SS13 there was a collaboration in progress with a high fashion department store in the U.A.E., inspired by the most iconic S/S 13 fashion collections and the summer popsicle fad. 
After choosing popsicle shapes and colours that resemble the collections closely, the fraphic designer Lara Atkinson transformed what she saw into matching flavours to accessorise the fashion pack of Dubai throughout the hot summer months. These popsicles were then available at various pop-up shops and popsicle vans parked in popular spots. How dope is this?! This should be made for every S/S season!
SS13-Pops-Lara-Atkinson-05 612a60e9c5d9a077b2c4a51a0a4c55b3 b210a69175356aa56c1088e2ae9fc11b 0d4a5bf32827f8b768e8c6cec2ee0d9f 31893c44314c71d3b875a5884ccf33fbPictures via

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