My laptop keypad recently decided to not display certain letters when I type them in. So it literally takes me forever to write, which is annoying as fuck. But the cool thing is that the brand NVRMND Clothing left out some of the not working ones, so it’s making life easy. And talking about NVRMND, the label is a menswear clothing brand founded in Los Angeles with the vision is to create and distribute high quality, fashion conscious menswear.

Their LxYxA S/S 2014 collection is super jiggy and super sexy and of course available on their website. The style is all black everything with its own little twist. Bottom line: very urban and wearable. The dope thing is that it looks expensive, but it honestly is not at all, which is good for my broke with expensive taste syndrome.

So I really need a job or even better free clothes, but first of all I need a new keypad. For real, for real, for real!

1969215_641121999289066_1989291995_n 762_641121995955733_1213250122_n 1796582_641122135955719_305417661_n 1795576_641122205955712_1597746767_nPictures via NVRMND Clothing


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