All Eyes On

While I am sitting on my laptop all day studying for my upcoming exams, the earth keeps on turning. This is like modern day torture, because it’s like looking out the window and seeing all these kids play, but you are not allowed to leave the house. This is how I feel right now. But enough of the complaining, because no pain, no gain, right?!
And it’s only 4 weeks till freedom and in the meanwhile the fashion industry keeps me sane. So here is something that is making me run on adrenalin:

BENJI WZW is a London-based luxury streetwear brand, redefining the boundaries of contemporary menswear, combining innovative technologies and craft into a new aesthetic. Inspired by fringe internet cultures, BENJI WZW brings together street tribalism with a narrative sensitivity. With his AW14 “Fall in love with machinery” he is not only pushing his way to be one of my favorite AW14 collections, but he is also pushing fashion boundaries with 3D  digital printing on leather and 3D printed accessories with pieces that have an avant-garde touch.

This young and talented kid is on the to watch list! My eyes are on you Benji!

1660535_718535374865387_521934169830809669_n 10171057_718529114866013_8377569341295257984_n 1979863_718529284865996_5023146285053565062_n 10251997_718533344865590_8945869665654480613_n 10255625_718533874865537_5095029213911472339_n 10313687_718533271532264_6357919598219170182_n

Pictures via Benji WZW Facebook


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