High End World Cup

Back to life, back to reality…
London Collections: Men is over and out and all of these books, lectures and term papers are still waiting for me. Kind of thought they’d disappear, but nope they are still there. And as if life isn’t hard enough the World Cup is not making things easier. Like I am watching every freaking game instead of studying. So I have to choose between fashion and football…

And that’s a hard one! But what if World Cup jerseys were designed by famous high-end fashion designers?
The series of illustrator Dead Dilly, who is featuring World Cup jerseys as designed by some of the planet’s most renowned designers and brands, is actually bringing both together. Each jersey features the corresponding year the pattern or print was designed with textural details thrown in for good measure: from Givenchy and Jil Sander to Alexander McQueen and Balenciaga. Peep this:

world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-09 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-02 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-04 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-05 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-06 world-cup-jerseys-for-highsnobiety-07But the books are still waiting…

Pictures via Highsnobiety


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