Suzy Love

People who are not in the fashion scene always tend to give fame and fortune to the ones in front of the camera. And the ones behind it often seem to be forgotten. But let’s keep in mind that the people behind the camera are as important as the ones in front of it.

And that’s why I wanna take the time to talk about the Berlin based photographer
Suzana Holtgrave, who is actually from Pula/Croatia, and worked for every fucking fashion magazine you know. From KALTBLUT magazine to Cake-Mag, you can  name it and it will probably appear on her “worked for” list. So for her recent shoot named “Into The Wild!” for KALTBLUT Suzana did an amazing Croatian Story using labels like, Sasa Obradovic, Silvio Ivkic, Marija Kulusic.

What I honestly appreciate about this shoot is not only the fashion, but the fact that she is showing so much of Croatia and kind of giving back to a country that is very underrated when it comes to actually everything. The result is more than brutally beautiful:
7-dress-marija-kulusic 10-dress-coded-edge-by-silvio-ivkic
And then I started to search through her portfolio and my reactions was like: dope, yes, yes, yaaaassss, hell yea, dope, dope, cool:

tumblr_mpzdu81HsO1szbl3go4_500 tumblr_mvt6j0XWvZ1szbl3go10_500 tumblr_n1lk3ic7Iy1szbl3go10_500 tumblr_n2ou8nYAjH1szbl3go10_500And I just picked out my favorite one’s from Suzana’s portfolio for this post, but actually there is a whole lot more to see. So make sure you visit Suzy Love on Facebook, her homepage  and contact her for bookings, because talent needs to be supported. Always!

Pictures via

Photography: Suzana Holtgrave – Hair and make up: Sanja Rivic – Styling: Suzana Holtgrave, Sky Bulatovic – Models: Marija Silov //Colors Zadar, Blandina //Seeds Models
Sorry for anyone I forgot!!!


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