It’s Saturday. I got a whole lot of shit to do. But I couldn’t wait for next week to write about YtinifninfinitY. Well, actually I just needed a break from studying and what’s a better way to distance yourself from uni then blogging about fashion. Have a break, have a blog post.
So here we go: Designer Barragan Victor from Mexiko City is the creative mind behind the label YtinifninfinitY, who just dropped his SW 14 collection recently. And that is basically all I know, besides that the fact that the collection is the dopest shit ever. And I don’t even know how I would describe the style. And so just because it’s showing cyber, television and mobile elements, I am gonna call it Device Versa. Check it out here: 427 175 226 330 922 10296554_648403095237037_8814696858734862629_n 1411Pictures via YtinifninfinitY Model: ANGEL & VICTOR BANG MODELS MANAGEMENT – Production: FRANCISCO MANZANO – Makeup: JUANMA CONSTANTINO – Hair: PALI PALI


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