And talking about food…
Be careful in case you shop some grocery. There might be a Jordieham t-shirt in the freezer next to the meat.
edc4a047-3de1-4d7c-994d-661d7130ebacBut who the fuck is Jordieham? I honestly don’t fucking now. Some kid from somewhere doing some t-shirts (don’t want to come off angry, but I did some research and failed).
And I have to admit that I am not a fan of the products, but I would buy it just because of the package. Like the presentation of the t-shirts is so smart. I am fascinated! In some way it’s putting the Chanel AW14 supermarket idea into real life, you know what I mean? And at the same time has a Meet Your Meat flavour to it. So watch out the next time you are doing some grocery shopping.  And in case you like the t-shirts shop ’em on!
output_1YvMFk output_aqiaBl output_zquiPh_(1)

Pictures via Jordieham



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