Frankie Morello

I am honestly a London fashion week kind of kid, but what Milan did for SS15 is just beyond everything.
And  hands down: Frankie Morello had the best SS15 Milan fashion week collection. The best collection! Every fucking look was on point and for my shame I have to admit I was sooo close to not take a look at this at this brand… (no worries, I already slapped myself for that! Trust me I slapped myself hard!) But thank God I did!
10434143_10152539290902760_6159447900349066618_nThe Frankie Morello brand was founded in 1999 as a result of a meeting in styles between Maurizio Modica and Pierfrancesco Gigliotti. Their philosophy expresses the consideration of a defect, that defect perceived as artistic detail, the imperfection that can be worn, structured and destructured.

Accurate to the motto order arises from disorder, Frankie Morello took different aesthetic and cultural references for their SS15 collection, re-elaborated them and send out a clear message and statement through fashion: ART!
Reproductions of ancient Italian statues blend with disassembled macro-prints of the usual screen that indicated the end of TV broadcasts for the day. The decision to break up an iconic image reflects a desire to turn off, and reset the monitor, to start building something new. Are you ready for this? I don’t think you are (just kidding), but take a look:
39 38 01 31 14 11A sequence of looks presents “boxy” volumes and bulky, almost “stiff” , materials. Gabardine T-shirts, bonded cotton, micro-mesh, and pseudo uniforms are featured. The color palette in shades of orange, blue, white, and gray is interspersed with pictorial touches such as printed tie-dye or three-dimensional embellishments in applied Plexiglas. Rubber technical sandals create a puzzle-like effect with the leather sole and alternate with classic lace-ups given a lively modern look with cut-out upper.
This is just me! I want to wear this all day, every day. I wish I had it right now and present it during Berlin Fashion Week. I would even sleep in it, that’s how perfect it is. And real talk now…here is the deal about Frankie Morello: it’s not only this collection that is perfect, it is every past collection they made. So it’s a continuous greatness they show every fashion week.

The best Milan SS15 collection I am telling y’all!

Pictures via Frankie Morello


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