Her Name Is Banks

Tuesday night I took a break from studying, sneaked out of my cave and went to see an American singer-songwriter and musician from Los Angeles/California that I have been following for a couple of months now. For me she is the female version of The Weeknd, that kind of went to the dark side of R&B with a voice that is showing pure vulnerability and songs that are catchy as fuck.

Her name is Banks.

She kept the crowd waiting for like an hour, which was not cool for me, because my body is used to sitting from all the studying, but as soon as she hit the first note the pain in my back was gone. I did my little head nodding, danced every now and then. I really didn’t move a lot, but the moving I did was 95% more than the rest of the audience did. Just saying.
I made a couple of pics and vids, but I am super sorry they kind of ended up being bad quality and and I need a new phone for real!

Foto 1 Foto 2And the moment when she started singing that Aaliyah cover, it was done. She scored:


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