JC Munch

Ok, I have been posting so much today. And I should be studying instead, because I have an exam coming up tomorrow. But there is a rule in life saying: there is nothing better than chilling if you have much to do. This is just a life fact. A non-written rule. Plus life is too short to keep fashion hidden. And this leads me to the question:

JC Munch where have you been hiding?

JC Munch was founded by the designer and owner Jane Christine Munch in 2013, the same year as she graduated from Margrethe-skolen in Copenhagen.  They are an urban streetwear brand with attention to details and a profound  love for futuristic elements,psychedelic prints and bright colours. JC Munch designs unisex, men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing, accessories  and showpieces. Their collections always contain flashy stage wear and are frequently represented by upcoming Danish performers and artists which contribute to the creative subcultural environment surrounding the brand. And I want to be part of it!

So I am just joining this urban street movement now. For real, for real, for real. And you should too! Like the shit out of the JC Munch Facebook page!
cover.jpg.5000x620_q90 JM-01-27299.jpg.5000x620_q90 JM-03-27359.jpg.5000x620_q90 JM-05-27411.jpg.5000x620_q90 JM-011-27585.jpg.5000x620_q90 JM-013-27652.jpg.5000x620_q90Pictures via JC Munch


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