Do you know the feeling when you have been to a city (no matter if you lived there a certain time or just for vaca) and suddenly you realized that all these memories of the shit that happened in that city  are kind of fading away slowly?
Well, yup, I feel like that feeling is captured by the photographer Sergey Neamoscou. I don’t think that this interpretation was his intention, but these analog photographs, which are showing London or Paris in a blurry yet clear way, are just making me feel like it: a memory that is slowly fading away.

Sergey Neamoscou is a talented analog photographer born in Moscow in 1981. At the moment he lives in Paris/France. He always considered himself a “post card” which was sent to the wrong address and to the wrong country. And I sometimes feel like I am a post card, too, but one that is kept on the pin board. And that kind of makes me sad, but fuck it, life goes on. Sergey is very talented in my opinion:

tumblr_mtj86x2q161r6q94do2_500 tumblr_mtj86x2q161r6q94do4_500 tumblr_mtj86x2q161r6q94do5_500 tumblr_mtj86x2q161r6q94do6_500 tumblr_mtj86x2q161r6q94do7_500 tumblr_mtj86x2q161r6q94do8_500 tumblr_mtj86x2q161r6q94do3_500Pictures via SERGEY NEAMOSCOU


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