Ruined Polaroids

Shake it, shake it, shake, shake it, shake it, shake it like a Polaroid Picture, shake it, shake it…

But what if you shake it and the Polaroid picture is not turning the way you want it to be? Then you probably made art just like photojournalist William Miller. William Miller is a veteran photojournalist and native New Yorker. Born in 1969 he studied photgraphy at Bard College with Larry Fink and Stephen Shore. His art photography has been in several big magazines like Saveur, Harpers, the New York Post and list goes on and on and on.

With his project called Ruined Polaroids William took Polaroid pictures with a broken camera. And the results are more than stunning.

tumblr_n6e5ymjHeF1qjg75jo3_500 tumblr_n6e5ymjHeF1qjg75jo8_500

Here is what William says about his series of “ruined” Polaroids:

“These pictures are taken with a camera that is, by most definitions, broken: an old Polaroid SX-70 camera.  With its first use I realized the camera wasn’t functioning properly. It sometimes spills out 2 pictures at a time and the film often gets stuck in the gears, exposing and mangling them in unpredictable ways. The image as it is exposed within the camera becomes pulled and stressed by these violent mechanisms, often to abstraction. Each one is determined by the idiosyncrasies of the film and the camera.

This project, Ruined Polaroids, is an unintended exploration into the 3-dimensional physical character of an antiquated photographic medium that touches on subjects such as the nature of chance, destruction and what constitutes a photograph.”

tumblr_n6e5ymjHeF1qjg75jo5_500 tumblr_n6e5ymjHeF1qjg75jo7_500 tumblr_n6e5ymjHeF1qjg75jo4_500 tumblr_n6e5ymjHeF1qjg75jo6_500

Pictures via William Miller


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