Blue Mosque

A city that is crowded in a way I have never seen before, with 14 million people living there. And I thought New York is big. But wohhaaaa, Istanbul is taking it no another level. But I honestly like that rush, because it’s positive stress for me that is kind of transforming into energy. But different from New York is the fact that in Istanbul you decide about the level of rush, if that makes any sense.

This city is full of beauty. Not only architecture, the weather and the city’s structure, but the hospitality, people that I met and the people I were with made this trip so special (but let’s not get sentimental). Like honestly I laughed so hard everyday.  And I wish I could tell you about the things that happened to me, the jokes we made, but I kind of feel like this blog has not the capacity to handle it in a written way. So I am going to try it with pictures.

And here is one thing I learned during my trip: when you plan shit, destiny is just laughing at you. I really learned to not take things that serious and just relax the shit out of myself. And it kind of made me understand life a little bit more.

So here are some very first impressions (there is more to come though):
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