Lazy Oaf

Back at home and today I don’t feel like doing anything,
I just wanna lay in my bed,
Don’t feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone
‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything…

That’s how lazy I am. No plans. No deadlines. No nothing. And actually I just need vaca from vaca. If I could put my current mood into a fashion collection I would def pic Lazy Oaf’s new AW14 collection.

10502025_10152271027536452_646092566520967030_nLazy Oaf is a London based fashion label designing bright bold clothing and accessories for men and women. Founded by designer Gemma Shiel in 2001, the brand started as a small run of men’s T-shirts hand-screen printed in Gemma’s dads garage and sold on a market stall in Spitalfields.  11 years on and their designs can now be found on their own website, in their independent Soho boutique in London and in over 250 stores worldwide.  What started as a small T-shirt collection has now evolved into a complete product range with knitwear, outerwear, shoes and stationery recently added to the ever-expanding Lazy Oaf line.

Lazy Oaf collections are notoriously colourful, cartoon-focussed and always with an element of weirdness. Their design philosophy is not trend driven but focused on their unique directional vision referencing street wear and youth nostalgia.

All that pizza, the laid back attitude and that comfy fashion is just what I feel like right now. Plus I have a couple of Lazy Oaf pieces at home and I have to say the quality is really good. So peep the their Autumn 14 lookbook right here, right now:

10156020_10152625304767871_768785830189096799_n 10500470_10152271028186452_9140992700087001985_n 66181_10152271027741452_4593865288332928851_n 10352381_10152271028171452_7493759772499436117_n 10482302_10152271027681452_9110045038090980293_n 10570294_10152271027521452_7061675067691542888_n 10583924_10152271027661452_7502840742802112038_nPictures via Lazy Oaf
Photography: Harriet Turney Photography, Styling: Seetal Solanki


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