Sun is out. Life is relaxed. And it smells like fresh mowed lawn everywhere I go. I guess summer is here. So let’s talk about a fashion label, where it seems that the grass is even greener.

MAISON the FAUX is a couture label for ‘humanwear’ based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The label aspires to be an affectionate reaction to the current fashion industry and a big faux wink in the direction of an audience liberated enough to move freely through an often narrow-minded world.

MAKE_A_U_TURN_4The new shown collection called ‘Make a U-turn if possible’ mixes practical, constructed outdoor clothing with references to delicate lingerie. Fragile nightgowns, braziers and underwear against windbreakers and zip off pants. Layered silhouettes consisted out of contrasting use of material and colours of soft nudes, lace and sweet colours that contrasted against patent leather and heavy wax fabrics. Big hand-woven items made out of recycled fabric, colourful prints, strange hats and chunky jewellery that are worn as modern charms made the image complete. With the second collection of MAISON the FAUX, the label presents a mix between ready to wear and couture. With this, the label has made a clear development as apposed to their first collection.MAKE_A_U_TURN_3 MAKE_A_U_TURN_1

While the first collection was super edgy and you could not NOT see the edginess, this time MAISON the FAUX is taking a little step back. Like if you look at the new lookbook for the first time,  everything seems to be pretty “normal”, but it’s the details that bring back the edge.  So take a look and look closley:  MAKE_A_U_TURN_2

MAISON the FAUX represents a new outlook on masculinity and femininity. Its designers aim to set decadence as the new standard, combining their couture statement pieces with street wear. ‘The Fictional House’, a rough translation of MAISON the FAUX, is rooted in a great sense of humour and self-mockery, combined with a deep love of fashion. MAKE_A_U_TURN_5

 Pictures via Maison the Faux
Photography: Valentina Vos – Make-up: Majda Nassih – Models: Floris & Christel @ 77models


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