Where I am from you honestly never know when you need sunglasses. Weather is a bitch and that’s why you should always have an umbrella and sunglasses with you. All these weather mood swings. Serious menstruation going on. However…when you wear sunglasses, you better have that fashion on your face going on.

VAVA is inspired by post-industrial cities, such as Detroit, once symbols of innovation and prosperity which subsequently fell into collapse and decay. These cities were reinvented by the citizens to ensure survival. During this time, the Techno movement emerged as a guiding force for this process of rebirth. Indeed, when Techno appeared in the 80’s it was part of a movement towards the creation of a Techno City, the city of the future, where technology would emerge as salvation. VAVA’s mission is to emulate these citizens, representing the human in control of the technological world. This approach, combined with the use of the highest quality materials, makes VAVA unique.

VAVA‘s leitmotif is to offer a high quality product which embodies the experience, knowledge and art of the great masters of handmade eyewear. So don’t throw shade without the right shades:

53-780x384 62-780x384 1959435_227867934079943_1725968249_n 1970598_227868207413249_949878619_n 10150662_234754620057941_7918157637210779746_n box-780x494

Pictures via VAVA
Photographer: André Brito  – Hair Stylist: Juliana Lamares  – Make Up: Tinoca  – Model: Daniela Hanganu and Ricardo Cotovio (Central Models)


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