The Bronze Medal

I have to admit that I am genuinely very interested to know what kind of people are reading this blog. And I don’t want to say that I stalk you guys, but I really wanna know what you do and where you from (well, this sounds very stalker-ish, non? But I don’t mean it that way!)… And every now and then I found some shit that you do so dope that it’s externalized on this page.

Best example: Berlin based clothing brand The Bronze Medal.
The Bronze Medal
The Bronze Medal does not follow any trend or fashion world rules or any season collection order, because The Bronze Medal is not a fashion brand.
The Bronze Medal is free from these matters, and is based on projects that can enable a series of pieces, for example, but none ends with seasons; perhaps materials may change in case same project goes on with summer and winter garments, for example. The essence of every project is always alive and in The Bronze Medal mind, because there is always the possibility of new ideas coming up, maybe in some days, maybe is some years.
Actually, ideas keep on coming out just following the instinct, so you might see a temporal order and probably make your own “sense” or “evolution” idea of all the works. By now, there are two clearly different lines: The Bronze Medal Apparel and The Mesh Label Collection.

Here are my favorite fashion pieces (and I would buy all of them, especially the white marble neoprene sweater and the white graphic mesh tunic and the t-shirt on the first pic above…why can’t I be rich? Life is unfair), but make sure you check out since there is a lot more.
40826-5fb5412695cb409bb6c77fc4bd117c3b 40826-8b50e29835374b06b9b6b53f815d5bab 40826-498cbed4011849c4b1352bebbde8b680 40826-840ee65ee0014a15a016cdcd2a15db2e 40826-33437a0161af486eb9a4e50020403c8c 40826-9842757b33d844c28ce5de6ebc92d153 40826-0ade80e430ae4051a03db54a14060391Pictures via The Bronze Medal 


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