I saw this one on Thvndermag  and the visual picture couldn’t let my brain go. So I had to steal it, although I really don’t like writing about stuff that others are writing about. It just somehow takes the attraction for me. But it’s not like I don’t take inspiration from others. So it’s complicated and  a mixture between stealing an idea and being inspired by it…


However let’s get to the topic: Alisa Krivchenya is a designer from Minsk/Belraus, who graduated from high school college-arts, specialty graphics design in 2012. Now she studys at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts designer clothes. Teamed up with graphic designer Anna Shchemeleva-Konovalenko they created a special diplom project for  belarusian fashion designer Alisa Krivchenya. The name of collection is «69%» because the «69%» is the correlation between plastic and other materials.


The collection is all about classics being the base for all the beginings of every experiment. The new interpretation of men’s suit is a classical sample of the outwear joined with modern technological materials. Handmade prints in the Pollock style refer to the art and works of postmodernists. The main inspiration of the collection comes from rainy weather, ecodesign and the architecture of functionality.

This project was inspired by the film “The Man Who Fell to Earth»  by Nicolas Roeg. Especially  by the main character who was an alien. Creating this film glitch art was a central method. Shooting of the film took place in the forest, in the studio and in The National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus. And the blue they used is so beautiful that I can’t get enough of it. It’s the perfect blue. Like I can’t get over the colors. It’s stimulation my brain.

cbafbf2d80c3a09ae7d10e8809313462 cca553aa44f97b0fe79cd0b16197993a de53b28d3223469794591d0448b8d11d f0b2513da640b7ef86bb0ac4cd1fbf97 6957697ee75b9005a68f749a6bfd4a85Pictures via Anna Shchemeleva-Konovalenko


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