Nina Athanasiou

During a fashion show the model itself should be the last thing you look at. But nobody can’t deny that a certain model can bring a whole new touch to a certain look. And then when you see models, that you kinda know, running for a designer during New York Fashion Week, you be like: Hey, I know you! I have seen you in the club last night. And for a millisecond you need to remind yourself to look at the fashion pieces. That’s exactly what happened to me during Nina Athansiou‘s SS15 presentation, where almost every model was so familiar to me, which actually is a good thing.

Foto 1

Nina Athanasiou’s Spring/Summer 2015 is draws inspiration from Japanese folklore set in a modern context. As part of the presentation, Ninawill debut her much awaited fashion film, AKUMA. Directed by Huba Barat and starring Shaun Ross, AKUMA is the story about a demon (Shaun Ross) which comes to earth to hunt human beings in the streets of Tokio. Keeping true to her directional and avant-garde aesthetic, Nina utilizes contrasting materials to convey looks that are both innocent and robust. Crêpe de chine, latex, chiffon and leather comprise a subdued color palette of grey and brown pastels alternated with rough, distinctive prints. Crisp suits, blouses and shirts illustrate anatomical features while flies and insects adorn dresses and belts in the form of silver, porcelain, and copper. Athanasiou maintains her realpolitik romantic aesthetic opting for rounded collars, simple cuts, and petticoats for a 1950’s effect.  Foto 1 (1)

Nina Athanasiou still lives in Germany, but her career started in the United States. After showcasing her work at Fashion Week in Brooklyn, she presented at the New York Fashion Show WICKED and was invited to Le’Chic Couture in Palm Beach, Florida and HauteLanta Fashion Week in Atlanta. Her collection was shown during the IMTA Convention in New York and for the Nokia C7 Smartphone campaign. In 2013 she showcased at Vancouver Fashion Week in Canada, and at Nolcha / New York Fashion Week in addition to Boston Fashion Week/ET.Athanasiou participated at the Designer’s Fashion “Emerging Trends” Challenge during London Fashion Week in September 2013, where she won the first prize. Foto 1 Foto 3 Foto 4 Foto 5 Foto 2Good stuff!


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