Christian Siriano

I think it’s funny how you notice when a celebrity is coming to see a fashion show. Like the dark room suddenly is brightening up because of all the flashlights. And the only thing you hear is: click, click, click… That’s also what happened during Christian Siriano’s SS15 show when supermodel Cocoa Rocha entered the stage and took her seat. And she looked like a fucking star with her red glitter kind of suit and a dark lipstick (Naomi would say: Check your lipstick before you talk to me!). But it’s not about who’s sitting in the front row, it’s about the designs of the designer:
Following his studies in London under Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen, Christian Siriano’s collections are known for whimsical and show-stopping design – from fantasy evening gowns and cocktail dresses, to tailored sportswear, to intricately detailed shoes and accessories. His designs have appeared in countless magazines and have been worn by the world’s leading ladies. And his SS15 collection is just complementing all of his other collections…

And after the show is the after party  which was only ok…Nothing special.
hh (4) Foto IMG_0977 IMG_0985 IMG_0992 IMG_1019 IMG_1031


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