David Tlale

And what’s also funny is that I notice more famous male models during female fashion week than their feminine counterparts. And that is kinda cool, I guess. Like Tyson Beckford for David Tlale during NYFW.
david tlale

But I mean there were a lot of female models. Like a lot. But only a few really stood out, like of course the beautiful Diandra Forest:Foto 2 (1)

Over the past 10 years since he launched his brand in 2003 winning the “Elle New Talent in South Africa, and being noted as the Best Designer by the Sunday Times in South Africa, this award winning designer David Tlale has proven that he is indeed a design force with creations that go far beyond expectations. The year 2005 was a testimony of a great journey unfolding when Tlale was appointed “Head Designer for Carducci Woman” under the House of Monatic Group in Cape Town South Africa.

Now in 2014 the young South African Fashion designer brought back the African flair to New York. And this collection was dope and even the presentation felt super special, because it was not a simple runway show, but a thoughtful one. Like the colors changed from white, gold and orange shades into a rose and all of it felt like breaking free. Like the runway show gave you a notion of freedom. And don’t ask me why, but that’s what I felt.

Foto 3 Foto 4 Foto 2 Foto 1 Foto 5


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