Narcos y Sirenas

While I feel like my life stopped somewhere between uni and doing nothing, the fashion world continues to produce and create and create and produce.

So that Victor von Schwarz presented his Primavera/Verano 2015 (SS15) collection named ” Narcos y Sirenas” (mermaids and Mexican drug dealers) during Mercedes Fashion Week Madrid. And I get chills when I say primavera y verano. I should def get my Spanish together. I had it in school for like 3 years, but forgot todos los vocabularios… no me gusta. But the collection is what me gusta mucho:

victor von schwarz

Victor von Schwarz states about SS15:
“Narcos y sirenas is about a mexican drug dealers shipwreck because the mermaids songs. Mermaids are cold and beauty unlived beings who live in the cliffs close to the aloners islands in the big oceans.”

10313708_975694455781408_7045913957379586198_n 10435521_975694159114771_1732399765707759590_n

“That ones are represented by materials like silks and lurex mixed fabrics witch represent the cold beauty. The line is slimfit and the colors are clear blue and pink. The mexican drug dealers are represented by dirty, tanned and tattoed boys and girls. Oversized, waisted and brooked clothes in black and grey. A line so much more young and more “streetstyle”.” 10482189_975694362448084_6096149903834274075_n 10527915_975694055781448_6658103132558436484_n“The models are characterized by the make up and hair; the mermaids will be in a clear skin color make up, without eyebrowns and wet hair. And mexicans will be so much more dark and the hair will looks dirty. That ones also will wear some fake tattoo with sailor issues Both lines would be in a similar pattern design and cutting. Also the details will be similar: soft tie-dye, frayed ending and waisted jeans.”

10660188_975693899114797_162944786964168542_n 10711045_975694252448095_6212714673717333167_n 1606898_975694285781425_1293041619248227657_n 1619496_975694202448100_7771052926994748640_nPictures via Victor von Schwarz


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