The Darko

Spend my weekend in uni for a workshop and then I just got a cold like that and spend the rest in bed. Ebola is real, I swear (this is actually not even funny, so sorry for that). Let’s get back to this school thing. Like during class I like to sneak outside the classroom and just walk through the corridors of the uni (as I mentioned in several posts before), because I am bored as fuck an I just wanna see what’s going on.
And in the foyer there are pics on the walls from last season’s school fashion show and there was one designer that impressed me: Isabel Stasinski. Like I literally looked at it for more than 3 minutes, which in for my generation is a lot.

????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????

Her SS14 menswear MA thesis  is exploring the depths of Richard Kelly’s cult movie Donnie Darko. And the results are trés dope. I swear I am going to spend more time outside of the classroom and we’ll see what I am going to explore:
10464245_744190955621974_7240512859922657627_n 10488112_744191235621946_8312133937763546110_n 10491980_744191258955277_733275327825990937_n 10514648_744191052288631_6708970778711716303_n 10521375_744190908955312_9072898184849974525_n 10524313_744191168955286_47900592093126779_n 10530921_744191522288584_4393713621194515369_n 10574328_744191302288606_792697932243129347_nPictures via A+ Modenschau



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