Paula Rosine

My NYC designer friend Paula Rosine dropped her very first jewelry and accessories collection. And you better believe me when I say that it’s one of a kind. The necklaces and bracelets are literally magnets, because people on the streets or on after-show-partys would not start a conversation without making a compliment on her jewelry! And getting genuine compliments in NYC for your style or fashion pieces is the hardest thing to get. Like it’s on #lifegoals level!

However Paula Rosine (“Zine”) is a New York based designer and artist. She earned degrees from Duke University, the University Of Cambridge, and Parsons The New School For Design before honing her fashion expertise at Chris Benz and Kate Spade. Paula Rosine discovered her love for 3D modeling while working on a line of silicone jewelry for her mentor and idol Geoffrey Mac. She describes her work as “the love child of Manish Arora and Iris van Herpen”, which is the perfect description. I could have not said it better!
Her eponymous jewelry line pairs technical innovation with a signature outré aesthetic. And I promise you have notseen this kid of jewelry before! So take a look:
Paula Rosine Paula Rosine Paula Rosine Paula Rosine Paula Rosine Paula Rosine Paula Rosine
And the online store is up and running! Check it out here: and leave your cash at the checkout!

Pictures via Paula Rosine


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